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CaseCitationYrJurisdictionCtAgeExact age at dismissal (E) or approximate (A)LOS (Years)Notice Period (Months)
Chung v Quay Pacific Property Management Ltd.2020 BCSC 7142020BCTrial53E2.259
Virk v. Satnam Education Society of B.C.2020 BCSC 1492020BCTrial41E1212
Liebreich v Farmers of North America2019 BCSC 10742019BCTrial49E1415
Valle Torres v Vancouver Native Health Society2019 BCSC 5232019BCTrial55E2024
Booton v Synergy Plumbing and Heating Ltd.2019 BCSC 2762019BCTrial40A4.56
Avelin v. Aya Lasers Inc.2018 BCSC 2313
Spalti v. MDA Systems Ltd.2018 BCSC 22962018BCTrial55A13.616
O.W.L. (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society v. Day2018 BCSC 17242018BCTrial63E3026
Chapple v. Big Bay Landing Ltd. (Inc. No. 0764163)2018 BCSC 16662018BCTrial61E2.29
Corey v. Kruger Products L.P.2018 BCSC 15102018BCTrial57E2.68
Greenlees v. Starline Windows Ltd.2018 BCSC 14572018BCTrial43E0.56
Tymko v 4-D Warner Enterprises Ltd.2018 BCSC 3722018BCTrial52E32
Frith v. IBM Canada Limited/IBM Canada Limitee2018 BCSC 1222018BCTrial38E1919
Ensign v Price's Alarm Systems (2009) Ltd.2017 BCSC 21372017BCTrial63E12.512
Sletmoen v Nafco Manufacturing Co. Ltd.2017 BCSC 17262017BCTrial52E18.316
Buchanan v Introjunction Ltd.2017 BCSC 10022017BCTrial27A01.5
Glimhagen v GWR Resources Inc.2017 BCSC 7612017BCTrial64A1212
Sollows v. Albion Fisheries Ltd2017 BCSC 3762017BCTrial59E2.7510
Ram v. The Michael Lacombe Group Inc.2017 BCSC 2122017BCTrial55E2412
Mudrovcic v. Engenuity Manufacturing Solutions Ltd2016 BCSC 25732016BCTrial48E1921
Bishop v. Rexel Canada Electrical Inc.2016 BCSC 23512016BCTrial61A2720
Schinnerl v. Kwantlen Polytechnic University2016 BCSC 20262016BCTrial48A8.510
Price v. 481530 B.C. Ltd2016 BCSC 19402016BCTrial44A1920
Smith v. Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd2016 BCSC 18762016BCTrial48E16.519
Gust v. Right-of-Way Operations Group Inc.2016 BCSC 15272016BCTrial31E1.12
TCF Ventures Corp. v. The Cambie Malone’s Corporation2016 BCSC 15212016BCTrialNA3.69
Logan v Numbers Cabaret Ltd (Hamburger Mary's) ("Bocking")2016 BCSC 14732016BCTrial43A1814
Logan v Numbers Cabaret Ltd (Hamburger Mary's) ("Logan")2016 BCSC 14732016BCTrial55A1814
Cheong v. Grand Pacific Travel & Trade (Canada) Corp2016 BCSC 13212016BCTrial59E1314
Waterman v Mining Association of British Columbia2016 BCSC 9212016BCTrial45A410
Saliken v. Alpine Aerotech Limited Partnership2016 BCSC 8322016BCTrial54A1.256
Luchuk v Starbucks Coffee Canada Inc2016 BCSC 8302016BCTrial48E1818
O'Dea v Ricoh Canada Inc2016 BCSC 2352016BCTrial57E79
TeBaerts v Penta Builders Group Inc2015 BCSC 20082015BCTrial31A1112
McLeod v Lifelabs BC LP2015 BCSC 18572015BCTrial49A25.518
Nikkel v The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia2015 BCSC 17202015BCTrial5715.516
Lau v Royal Bank of Canada2015 BCSC 16392015BCTrial30E59
Liboiron v IBM Canada Ltd2015 BCSC 15232015BCTrial57E3220
Dhatt v Kal Tire Ltd2015 BCSC 11772015BCTrial53E2321
Sowden v. Manulife Canada Ltd2015 BCSC 6292015BCTrialNA2020
Burns v Lyons2015 BCSC 6052015BCTrial31A0.22
George v Cowichan Tribes2015 BCSC 5132015BCTrial54A3320
Johnson v Marine Roofing Repair & Maintenance Service (2003) Ltd2015 BCSC 4722015BCTrial65E2424
Steinebach v Clean Energy Compression Corp2015 BCSC 4602015BCTrial48A19.516
Kim v International Triathlon Union2014 BCSC 21512014BCTrial34E1.85
Sciancamerli v Comtech (Communication Technologies) Ltd2014 BCSC 21402014BCTrial57E0.85
Morris v ACL Services Ltd2014 BCSC 15802014BCTrial52E7.510
Dodge v Signature Automotive Group Ltd2014 BCSC 14522014BCTrial59E2017
Khan v All-Can Express Ltd2014 BCSC 14292014BCTrialNA54
Younger v Canadian National Railway Company2014 BCSC 12582014BCTrial49E2724
Nicholson v Masonite International Corporation2014 BCSC 12472014BCTrial45E2.56
Ostrow v Abacus Management Corporation Mergers and Acquisitions2014 BCSC 9382014BCTrial40E0.756
Collette v AMV Enterprises Ltd2014 BCSC 8162014BCTrial54E66
Cho v Micros-Fidelio Canada Ltd2014 BCSC 6392014BCTrial47A1612
Stanley v Advertising Directory Solutions Inc2014 BCSC 3762014BCTrial51E15.219
Oliver v Sure Grip Controls Inc2014 BCSC 3212014BCTrial53E9.212
Hooge v Gillwood Remanufacturing Inc2014 BCSC 112014BCTrial57E3618
Nicholls v Columbia Taping Tools Ltd2013 BCSC 22012013BCTrial4958
Haff v Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc2013 BCSC 17202013BCTrial57E1316
Ellerbeck v KVI Reconnect Ventures Inc2013 BCSC 12532013BCTrial59E3.510
Hilton v. Graham’s Farms Ltd2013 BCSC 11392013BCTrial41E1918
Chawrun v Bell Mobility Inc2013 BCSC 1022013BCTrial38E5.76
Kerfoot v Weyerhaeuser Company Limited (Harshenin)2013 BCCA 3302013BCAppeal45E18.515
Kerfoot v Weyerhaeuser Company Limited (Kerfoot)2013 BCCA 3302013BCAppeal43E15.7515
Phillips v Jakin Engineering & Construction Ltd2012 BCSC 20662012BCTrial64E0.254
Kastens v. The Bank of Nova Scotia2012 BCSC 18932012BCTrial50E0.65
Matusiak v IBM Canada Ltd2012 BCSC 17842012BCTrial60E9.514
Hawkes v Levelton Holdings Ltd2012 BCSC 12192012BCTrial51E1818
Piron v. Dominion Masonry Ltd.2012 BCSC 1070, appeal dis'd and cross-appeal all'd 2013 BCCA 1842012BCTrial44E1915
Giza v Sechelt School Bus Service Ltd2012 BCCA 182012BCAppeal61E56
Dobbs v The Cambie Malone's Corporation2011 BCSC 18302011BCTrial51A1112
Oystryk v FCT Insurance Company Ltd.2011 BCSC 16862011BCTrial39A1.96
Chan v Dencan Restaurants Inc2011 BCSC 14392011BCTrial62A1518
Haftbaradaran v St Hubertus Estate Winery Ltd2011 BCSC 14242011BCTrial37A28
Szczypiorkowski v Coast Capital Savings Credit Union2011 BCSC 13762011BCTrial61A18.518
Balogun v Deloitte & Touche, LLP2011 BCSC 13142011BCTrial44A0.72
Systad v Ray-Mont Logistics Canada Inc2011 BCSC 12022011BCTrial65A1818
Sun v. ESI Environmental Sensors Inc.2011 BCSC 10242011BCTrial60A1418
Kidder v Photon Control Inc2011 BCSC 1016 aff'd 2012 BCCA 3272011BCTrial52A1318
Whiting v Boys and Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria2011 BCSC 6812011BCTrial57E1318
Porter v Fleischer2011 BCSC 3892011BCTrial50E0.59
Wong v Rogers Communications Inc2011 BCSC 1282011BCTrial39E610
Renard v Facet Decision Systems Inc2010 BCSC 19082010BCTrial39E1212
Bomford v Wayden Transportation Systems Inc2010 BCSC 15062010BCTrial54A8.210
Kokilev v Picquic Tool Company Inc2010 BCSC 14122010BCTrial41A810
Rodrigues v Shendon Enterprises Ltd2010 BCSC 9412010BCTrial46E1616
Beggs v Westport Foods Ltd2010 BCSC 833, rev'd in part by 2011 BCCA 762010BCTrial52E9.511
Graham v Galaxie Signs Ltd2010 BCSC 6092010BCTrial60E14.510
Nishina v Azuma Foods (Canada) Co., Ltd2010 BCSC 5022010BCTrial43E6.412
Waterman v IBM Canada Limited2010 BCSC 376, aff'd 2013 SCC 702010BCTrial65E4020
Palmer v Clemco Industries Inc (Gavin Palmer)2010 BCSC 2302010BCTrial60E1415
Palmer v Clemco Industries Inc (Jacke Palmer)2010 BCSC 2302010BCTrialNA1311
Pritchard v The Stuffed Animal House Ltd2010 BCSC 2132010BCTrial54E1712
Sifton v Wheaton Pontiac Buick GMC (Nanaimo) Ltd2010 BCCA 5412010BCAppeal50A1614
Mackie v West Coast Engineering Group Ltd2009 BCSC 17752009BCTrial48A1.759
Stastny v Dependable Turbines Ltd2009 BCSC 16482009BCTrial51E2015
Pereira v The Business Depot Ltd2009 BCSC 11782009BCTrial38E710
Jamieson v Finning International Inc2009 BCSC 8612009BCTrial53A2019
Marshall v Old Meets New Furniture Ltd (Stokes Furniture)2009 BCSC 7482009BCTrial46E78
Adams v Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Inc2009 BCSC 6812009BCTrial41E1215
Smith v Centra Windows Ltd2009 BCSC 6062009BCTrial50E13.515
Koos v A & A Customs Brokers Ltd2009 BCSC 5632009BCTrial39A1010
Zaitsoff v Zellstoff Celgar Limited Partnership2009 BCSC 3462009BCTrial46E1920
Kalsi v Greater Vancouver Associate Stores Ltd2009 BCSC 2872009BCTrial33A1616
Bates v John Bishop Jewellers Limited2009 BCSC 158 , aff'd on other grounds 2009 BCCA 6152009BCTrial63E37.518
Chapple v Umberto Management Ltd2009 BCCA 5712009BCAppeal35A13.515
Saalfeld v Absolute Software Corp2009 BCCA 182009BCAppeal34A0.755
Lewis v Lehigh Northwest Cement Ltd2008 BCSC 542, appeal dismissed in part, 2009 BCCA 4242008BCTrial58E2622
Martell v Ewos Canada Ltd2005 BCSC 43, varied 2005 BCCA 5542005BCTrial53E1016

The reasonable notice period chart lists notice periods awarded in wrongful dismissal cases from British Columbia courts. Each column in the reasonable notice period chart can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the relevant heading. To narrow the results, enter search terms in the search bar (eg “salespersons”). Click here to view a graph comparing these notice periods against the employees’ length of service.